asked Jan 31 '19 at 16:44 by baukem91 (11)

I am having some issues with a recently bought Mac mini and Bitwig: Intel i7 3,2 GHZ and Intel UHD 630 graphics 8GB DDR4 RAM I have 2 screens, 1 is connected through usb-c --> Displayport (4K) The other one is through HDMI and just full HD Audio through an Antelope Audio Zen Tour

The DSP is already at 60 % even if I just open Bitwig in this configuration. So that's when it is not even playing. If I start playing just a wave file in this configuration I get regular audio dropouts. The problem obviously gets worse when I try adding VST's such as Kontakt 5. I have already tried to bypass my soundcard and only use the headphone output, but this doesn't make a difference.

I hoped to solve this problem by outsourcing graphics to an EGPU. I allready discovered that removing the 4k screen from the setup takes away a lot of stress from the dsp as well. Still it's not what you would expect from a brand new 6 core i7 processor.

Today I tested Bitwig with an EGPU I could borrow from a friend. It was a vega56, you would think this would be very overqualified for the job. The stress on the dsp performance was definitely less, but I could see a 100% GPU load on the moment I started Bitwig. With a regular youtube video this would be only 20% or so. Now my question is where this enormous GPU spike comes from. Does it have anything to do with Graphics optimalisation in Mac OS Mojave for Bitwig or is it the fact that I am using an EGPU? Right now it seems that my macbook late 2016 (i7 2,6Ghz 16gb 2133Mhz Ram and Radeon Pro 450, Mac OS 10.12 Sierra) is performing better when I am only using one screen, than my new Mac mini.

It seems very weird to me. Does anyone have experience with this? Right now I am trying to figure out if I should buy an EGPU and which one it should be.

I have same issue, running a 2018 Macbook Pro through EGPU (Blackmagic) as soon as I activate audio 100% GPU usage; user interface also becomes laggy and choppy. I have contacted Tech support, I'll let you know what I find out.


answered May 06 '19 at 18:48 by Sleezy_D (11)

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