asked Feb 01 '19 at 23:20 by jeffinvt (21)

I've been writing some controller scripts to allow me to use a midi controller on different tracks; I see there is support for modifying the 'remote controls' or parameter pages dynamically but there seems to be limitations. I want to be able to use all the knobs and buttons on my (old) novation zero sl (16 knobs, 16 buttons). I dont see a good way to access remote controls that are not currently showing (to user) and this still would be indirect for what I am doing; I have built an 'interface' with macro and button modulators, so mapping from remote controls to modulators and then dynamically switching in the script seems more work then is needed. It would be extremely useful if the script could access modulators DIRECTLY.
The scripting and modulation systems are awesome with Bitwig and that is why I bought it, I just think the API should allow directly changing both modulators and device parameters (outside the remote controls) -- this would really let you get crazy with script mapping and automation... Please correct me if there is a way to do this. Perhaps just a way to set parameters (remote controls) on any page (on any device), regardless of what is visible on GUI would be enough for me (for now)...

Hi @jeffinvt,

Are you aware of the mappings browser panel? Might be an alternative method/approach for you?


answered Feb 02 '19 at 00:46 by sticklebrick (480)

yeah im aware of that. Bitwig needs to elaborate the ways of interfacing midi to different controls, ableton had more flexibility in this regard. It is just perplexing why they didnt make midi channel significant for control mapping.

  — (Feb 03 '19 at 19:45) jeffinvt

I currently have put together a simple c program to act as a midi proxy and send to different virtual midi interfaces depending on track selection. Bitwig does keep control mappings unique to interfaces ('controls') but this is still rather cumbersome. Also writing the logic in C is easier then Bitwig control scripting which is not straightforward IMHO. Channels should be significant, you should be able to manipulate midi messages, and access to modulators and all device parameters would make the control scripts 100X more useful.


answered Feb 03 '19 at 19:46 by jeffinvt (21)

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