asked Feb 03 '19 at 18:41 by ratsnake (211)

I have a raw signal from my modular going into a dc coupled soundcard - does the HW CV Instrument insure that no DC offset is coming into AUDIO IN of the device?

Ableton has a DC cut in its Utility device - is there a similar function in Bitwig?

From Wikipedia: High-pass filters have many uses, such as blocking DC from circuitry sensitive to non-zero average voltages or radio frequency devices. Best regards, Fabrizio

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answered Feb 03 '19 at 20:30 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Indeed - problem is when i tried the highpass filters that come with BW the minimum frequency was 20hz - which isn't low enough for productions.

  — (Feb 03 '19 at 20:35) ratsnake

Sorry... I didn't thought about that so low frequency range...

Just to ask. Even if the new filters have an adjustable Q in the 24db low pass? Doesn't help? I'm asking just because I've never been involved in that kind of music and I'm curious. Figure that my stereo hi-fi speakers are Sonus Faber Concerto which doesn't go under 60hz ! :-] Don't be rude to me. I don't even know what the expected frequency spectrum for production is.

  — (Feb 03 '19 at 21:16) fsciarra62

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