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Hi, I found some interesting information on the internet. I read an article about Arturia Microfreak; it says they use digital oscillators, that are open source from Mutable Instruments (MIT License). Korg did the same: they implemented Mutable Plaits Oscillator-Models for their Digital VCO into Prologue und Minilogue XD.

Now, what if Bitwig would implement them in the Polysynth or a new device? I´m still struggling with the mediocre oscillators in Bitwigs devices... But THAT´ll be great.

I respect Olivier Gillet that much that I feel like forced to give my 2c to this.

He is the coder of Mutable Instruments... better... he IS Mutable instruments.

I think that Bitwig might ask to cooperate with Mutable Instruments to incorporate some code.

Which means to involve Olivier in the process of sound design or even incorporate other modules he wants to.

And actually, modular DAW and a real modular genius together might be interesting.

I own many of Mutable Instruments modules, alas not the latest because I've finished money and rack space. They are all great and Olivier is cool even as a support person. He dare about his customers. And Mutable Instruments community is just great.

I'd like a cooperation.

So my 2c are: ask to cooperate.

I find it better that just "grab" the code and use.

Best regards,



answered Feb 03 '19 at 21:08 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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