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I own a copy of Bitwig 2.4 and I want to automate the MIDI Program Change device so it sets all the hardware to specific banks/programs right when a clip starts.

The problem is, that I define an automation lane, I add a "Program Change" point right before the loop starts with a non-desired initial number (before, and I set the desired Program # in exact point at, so it triggers a change (because of the "Auto Load" enabled feature). This was working on previous version (bitwig 2.2) but it doesn't work anymore. I must press "Send" button to force a program send.

What is the approach now? I want to pre-setup the programs right once the song/clips starts to play.

Anyone here? For a $400 software I'd expect a bit more support

  — (Feb 05 '19 at 14:50) danderian

Hi danderian. This is a user driven q/a forum. If nobody has an answer, nobody will answer. If you need support from Bitwig, write to By the way, this is a topic I need to explore, so I've prepared a short answer, I hope you will find it useful. Fabrizio

  — (Feb 06 '19 at 09:11) fsciarra62


I've set up a stupid project with a track, with a MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE DEVICE and an HW Instrument, and 2 automation lanes.

I have connected the hw Instrument to a virtual midi port, so that using Jack I've routed it to a midi monitor, to trace midi activity.

I've set up one automation lane with a "modulation" on Program parameter, while the other modulates the device On/Off.

The Program Change device is initially turned Off.

Here is a view on the project: alt text

I've set up some events using the mouse, so forgive me for the musical results...

As you can see, in the automation lane for On/Off, I activate the midi program change device just before the "performance" and I deactivate after. This is useful to prevent a program change when you press stop.

I've set up the MIDI program change by unselecting "Scoped", otherwise the events will go only to internal chain devices, and selecting autoload. The autoload allows to automagically send a program change as soon as the program change parameter actually... ehm... changes. So I've also preselected a different program from what I really want.

Here is a shot about the midi activity: alt text

You can see the various program changes and the note events.

I've then adjusted the on/off to start and stop at the beginning and the end of the note events clip and cut&paste in a scene clip. Just recall to activate the button for animation writing.

It works the same.

I hope this can be of help for you.

Please upvote me if I've been of any use.

Best regards,



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