asked Feb 05 at 05:42 by j4yn1ck5 (21)

None of the presets for the proprietary Bitwig plugins do anything when I select them in the browser, or when I apply them to the device.

What could be wrong? I've tried reinstalling the essentials collection, and nothing changed.

Running 2.4.3 on Windows 10.

That fixed it.


answered Feb 20 at 23:31 by j4yn1ck5 (21)

I'm very very happy for you! Good Bitwigging :-) Fabrizio

  — (Feb 21 at 00:55) fsciarra62

Dear sir,

don't you find the title of your question just a bit disappointing?

By the way,

have you tried the demo projects? do they sounds right?

To get to the demo projects, just in the very first interface Bitwig shows you select Quick Start, the choose one like "In Cicles" or "Berlin Morning".

Please report back if they sounds that awful.

Best regards,



answered Feb 05 at 12:06 by fsciarra62 (794)

I don't see why that would make a difference? I downloaded In Cycles anyway. It sounds like a song. It has musicalness. The automations work. The plugins have settings applied to them. The ability for the program to preserve settings attached to the project file are not at issue.

  — (Feb 20 at 22:55) j4yn1ck5

The thing I'm trying to say is that when you go into the browser to select the stock settings provided with the DAW for the plugins that come with the DAW, and you select them, they do not change the positions of the knobs in the plugins, and the track does not sound different. It's as if they are files sitting on my computer with no information attached to them, functionless digital placeholders.

  — (Feb 20 at 22:55) j4yn1ck5

I've decided to delete the installed packages directory and reinstall them from scratch to see if that changes anything. Will report back if it works.


answered Feb 20 at 23:00 by j4yn1ck5 (21)

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