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Hi, currently i'm an ableton live user and my liveset is made of many tacks and clips, directly imported from other projects, which i play how i actually do as a dj: i decide the song i want to play next on the moment. I'd love to have the possibility of playing multiple project at the same time, so that i'd not have a single big live set project but as many projects as the number of my tracks. I tried opening multiple instances of live but they easily go out of tempo and crackle when loading new projects, or just crash.

I first saw that in bitwig is possible to open multiple projects at the same time but you can't play them simultaneously, which would solve my problem and surely make me switch to bitwig

Is there a way of doing this or will a feature come in the future?

Thanks, Francesco

Hey Francesco, this is a very interesting topic and cause for a lot of discussion. At the moment it's not possible to play two projects at the same time and mix between them. But we're thinking of possible ways to solve this in future versions of Bitwig Studio. There's definitely a lot of potential in a feature like this.

Cheerio! Fredrik


answered Feb 04 '15 at 11:37 by fredrik (186)

Hello, me neither until today I was able to find a software able to mix from one project to another and play them simultaneously. It would be very interesting.


answered Mar 30 '16 at 01:06 by gimmy (11)

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