asked Feb 08 '19 at 23:20 by davidpye (11)

Hi all, Just checked out the demo of 2.4 the other day, and it's really nice. Then I saw 8 track, and thought it would be a cool way to check out the software more, but I can't figure out how to run 8 track instead of the demo.
I re-downloaded Bitwig studio from the 8 track page and installed it, but when I log in it just acts like the main version did in demo mode.
Is there something I can do to get a code for it? It's not in the store as far as I can see.
Thanks in advance.

8-Track usually comes bundled with something, like hardware or whatever, however Computer Music magazine out of the UK had a copy with issue 264, along with some other software and some instructional videos, on a DVD bundled with the magazine. You can either try and find a mint-in-package physical copy, or you can grab the digital issue from Zinio for about US$5 and get the issue itself -- which has a great Bitwig introductory tutorial -- and all the other DVD content except the videos. It's well worth it, totally above board, and it's how I got my 8-Track license.

When you try to do anything that 8-Track can't handle -- like add too many tracks, VSTs, or use an effect that's not included in the lower tier -- it'll pop you into demo mode, so you can keep working on your ideas, even if you can't necessarily save or export `em, while you put your pennies away for full Studio. :-)

The serial included with the magazine is apparently valid to be registered until Feb 20th, and there's a Reddit thread that has the info and links in the top comments:

Hope that helps!

(And moderators, please delete this if it's not within the rules of Q&A, with my apologies.)


answered Feb 09 '19 at 04:06 by fdiv_bug (21)

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Hey, thanks so much for pointing me to the issue of Computer Music. I think that's what I'll do. I really want to try out some more of the features of Bitwig as the software really interests me. Thanks for letting me know. D


answered Feb 09 '19 at 13:52 by davidpye (11)

No problem! And it looks like the link in the Reddit post is to the current issue; the one you want is specifically January 2019:


answered Feb 09 '19 at 13:59 by fdiv_bug (21)

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