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with every softube plugins I own (modular, heartbeat, amp room, tsar…), I experience spikes of CPU loap with sound interruption.

It doesn't seem to happend with any other plugins.

I've followed every tips from this :

My laptop is on "best performances"

I own an Asus Pro with a i7 8565u and 16gb of ram, a focusrite scarlett 2i2 2nd gen.

Is there anything I can do to use my beloved plugins ?


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I ran some tests, apparently there's something wrong between these plugins and bitwig.

Even the smallest softube plugins will introduce CPU spikes… when heavier plugins from other brands will run smoothly.

Also, softube plugins in other DAWs run fine as well

I hope the Bitwig team knows what's going on, and I hope the v3 will introduce performance improvement


answered Feb 14 at 11:05 by YannSintes (61)


Same problem here. It seems related to the VST3 versions of the plugins. I've no problem with the VST2 Softube plugins.



answered Feb 15 at 16:47 by OOP (23)

Thanks for your input :)

Sadly I tried both VST2 and 3 with both openGL on and off with no noticeable improvement.

Glad it worked for you tho.


answered Feb 15 at 23:18 by YannSintes (61)

Ho ok, I'm on OSX with a Vegas64, maybe related.. Anyway I also sent a message to the Bitwig support.



answered Feb 16 at 21:02 by OOP (23)

I did and I wait for an answer :). So far they blame softube (and rightfully so because that’s the only brand that’s faulty) but Bitwig is also the only soft I have trouble with


answered Feb 16 at 21:07 by YannSintes (61)

hey guys I just upgraded to a new macbook pro and had DSP spikes and crackle with the projects. had no luck with all previous suggestions and it didn't matter if the plugins were bypassed or suspended. still spikes and crackle. eventually I deleted and reloaded every instance of softube plugins (TAPE) in the channelstrips and that worked for me. hope that helps anybody !!!!


answered Apr 19 at 19:23 by human (11)

I also have cpu-spikes with the VST3 versions of Softube (Modular).

With the VST2 instances there is a problem which causes Bitwig to freeze for multiple seconds when the plugin-state of modular is being saved. Anyone else has similar problems?


answered May 21 at 21:50 by soldeh (11)

i have the same problem with both vst2 and 3 with various softube plugs. PIA!!


answered Jun 01 at 04:05 by benzinc (11)

Having this problem with Saturation Knob. Would be great to see this fixed! :( I have a video of it happening also.


answered Jun 19 at 05:56 by XandY (21)

hey - I got in touch with softube and they sent me a link to the 32 bit installers, which work without any problem (for me) - although the new bass plug wasn't included afaik. hth


answered Jun 19 at 06:11 by benzinc (11)

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