asked Feb 17 '19 at 00:19 by Skyward (21)

Hi there Im currently using MacOSX EL Capitan 10.11.6 and i just discovered that the Audio Engine of Bitwig 1.3.16 actually has problem working with the inner Multi Output Device application from MacOsX (It just won't do anything at all), but the audio engine of the Bitwig 1.3.15 works just fine. So i know if anyone of support tech could fix it that would be amazing.

In the meantime i would really like to know whats the difference between Bitwig Studio 1.3.15 vs 1.3.16? Thanks


if you need technical support then contact via e-mail

To know what each release solves access release history

Now, this is a user driven space and I'm curious. I do not have a mac so I have simply read what a multi output device is, actually.

I'm curious to understand which use such a device might I have for Bitwig..

I suppose it might introduce some latency or jitter in the different audio paths.

In this case it is somewhat undesirable I believe, because the possibily unwanted phase effects or uncompensated delays.

Does Apple offer that kind of control on those device? I'm just curious.

Best regards, Fabrizio


answered Feb 17 '19 at 05:47 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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Hi Skyward, No response from tech?

  — (Feb 17 '19 at 09:35) sticklebrick

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