asked Feb 18 '19 at 22:47 by av (11)

i have the same Problem described in this reddit thread

I added a generic "MIDI Keyboard" as a controller in the preferences and used the Monologue's "MIDIIN2" as an input. Next, I added an Instrument track and set this "MIDI Keyboard" as the track's midi input. The track can see the MIDI incoming when I play the keys on the synth. So far, so good. So, next, I tried adding the "Hardware instrument" device, selected the Monologue in the device's MIDI OUT and routed its audio back via my interface, all inside the "Hardware instrument" device. I can hear the audio from the synth when I play and when I record MIDI on the track, the notes are recorded. However, the synth does not react to these same notes when the transport is running, but I believe the DAW should now be sending these recorded notes to the synth as if I was playing them. That doesn't happen. Why?



I'm sorry I do not have a monolog. That usage pattern should work straight away.

Two things come to mind you might check:

  • check that midi receive is activated on the global page of your korg
  • try to connect using two regular midi cables, the 5 pin din "original", instead of usb.

I've just double checked the routing using my Kurzweil and actually it is correct: it has to work... I use a Novation Impulse 49 as a controller since eons so I was not sure of other steps to take into account.

So, just to ask, which OS are you on, which Bitwig version?

I'm on Linux and most of things just works. Other simply can't because lack of support from vendors and I don't buy it.

I don't know if Monologue is fully USB Class Compliant. Did you install the Korg MIDI drivers?

Can you check with a midi monitor if midi data gets out from your Bitwig? I don't have an idea on why they shouldn't but, who knows! Do the midi channels on Rx and Tx match? Does you monologue respond to any other midi input from other programs? Do you have another synth to connect?

Sorry to not being more useful than that... I'm doing my best to help to shed a light... :-D



answered Feb 19 '19 at 07:07 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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