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I'd like to configure an external hardware synthesizer via MIDI. Therefore, I need to send single MIDI controller values, e.g. controller 107 with value 2. This is what I already tried:

  1. Automation Lanes: They are more suitable for controller progression and I was not able to generate single controller values reliably.

  2. Device "Midi CC": The flush button cannot be triggered automatically. Alternatively, modulating the device does not work reliablly for single values, e.g. with "Keytrack" or "ParSeq-8" as modulator. For instance, I was not able to generate controller value 0.

  3. Importing a MIDI file with the required controller data: A MIDI file without note events cannot be put to a clip via drag&drop and/or controller data are ignored.

  4. A mail to the Bitwig support: They said that Bitwig could not be used to send single MIDI controller values at the moment.

I'm running out of further ideas now:

  • Did anybody try to record MIDI controller data and play it back?
  • Are there maybe external plugins that could be used for sending controller data?
  • Do you have any further ideas?

Thank you in advance! Andre


Sorry for the late answer, I've just found the time to prepare a simple project which maybe helps you, if I've got your problem right.

Please, look at this simple-stupid project, done purposely so not very useful, I know... :-D

project with CC

As you can see, I've set up a MIDI CC device and an HW instrument in a track.

Then I've opened two automation lanes, one for the device on/off and another for the CC value of parameter 1.

When the device goes on, then the values for the CC value are sent to the Hw Instrument. If there is no change in parameter value while the device is on, only one value is sent. When the CC device is OFF, changes are not taken into account. When the device gets on again, the current value is sent again, if different.

I've also prepared a case to send 0 as value, which I've read was a kind of problem in your case.

To verify this, I've attached a MIDI monitor to the virtual midi device. Here is a picture of what is actually sent via MIDI.

MIDI monitor

It looks fine to me... You can also copy it in a clip and launch it. You can add other automation lanes for other parameters of the same CC. You can use this template for other devices, too...

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


PS. If you find it useful, please remember to upvote.


answered Feb 22 '19 at 09:53 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Okay, this is my solution that I figured out: I wrote a controller script that sends the respective MIDI messages if play is started. See the controller section in the Bitwig manual, my code example or the tutorial below for further information. A pity that the Bitwig support did not come up with this idea.

code example:

function init() { transport = host.createTransport(); transport.isPlaying().addValueObserver(configureTb3); } function configureTb3(isPlaying) { if(isPlaying) { host.getMidiOutPort(0).sendMidi(status, data1, data2); ... } }


answered Feb 20 '19 at 23:41 by xaverius (11)

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Hi Fabrizio,

Thank you for posting your example project! It seems that additionally switching the Midi CC device on and off is the key to make it working (as if the flush button were automated) since I only modulated the CC values.

Nevertheless, my solution appears more straightforward to me for users who are willing to deal with scripting and only need an initial initialization.

Best, Andre


answered Feb 28 '19 at 11:26 by xaverius (11)

A mail to the Bitwig support: They said that Bitwig could not be used to send single MIDI controller values at the moment.

I've been dealing with this situation as well. Sending a single (typed in) CC value should be dead trivial. It is far too difficult and time consuming (still as of Bitwig 3.2, June 2020).

I wound up drawing CC envelopes one-by-one in every clip where I needed them. and dealing with the bizarre situation where the value line neither can be set by typing, nor even drags/settles to even numbered values. Sigh.

This situation really should be remedied IMO.

I suggest that CC envelope lines be assignable a typed-in value. I also suggest the MIDI CC device be given an optional "auto-flush" or initialize function which can be set to fire upon starting or stopping of clips on the track.

Maybe the best solution is entirely different, but for sure the current situation is BAD!


answered Jun 09 at 21:35 by sj1 (81)

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