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Coming from reason 10.2 ...

So i would like to record my left hand (chords) en right hand (melody) on different midi lanes. This allows me to create variations and combine them. Now it seems that bitwig has only one midi lanes per instrument

In reason, I can add multiple MIDI lanes to one instrument. Bitwig seems to be locked to one midi note lane per instrument, Duplicating the instrument work but this is a CPU killer solution.

Instrument 1

  • Midi note lane 1

  • Midi note lane 2

  • Midi note lane 3

  • Midi note lane 4

Hi phuitema,

I personally find midi routing and processing in Bitwig pretty flexible, indeed.

You can route midi tracks where you need and, in latest Bitwig releases, process Midi data in many ways.

I propose you a way to accomplish, to my understanding, what you're referring. Please look at this picture:

midi routing project

As you can see, I've setup a simple project with a Group and a series of midi tracks.

In the group's device, I've selected one of my plugins, Zebra2. Please note in the inspector panel the "Channel To" selection, just below the track color selector, set to "Same" in order to maintain the original MIDI channel... If you have a multi-channel synth and multi-channel midi data, you need this.

The tracks in the group contain midi data, just drawn with the pen tool, forgive the musical results, please. :)

Then, each track note output is routed to the Group master. You can select individual track output in the inspector panel or in the mixer or in the track if you enable it (shown). You will find it in the "Notes To Tracks" submenu.

This simple setup allows you to insert midi manipulation devices in each track, if needed. Consider that you can even process the midi channel information in the track inspector panel. And you can even afford multi synth setup, all in group track, using an Instrument layer device and channel filtering.

And you can unclutter your project view by "folding" the Group track.

I mean, Bitwig is really very flexible both on audio and midi routing.

I hope this can help,

Best regards,


PS. If you need further assistance, ask! :-D


answered Feb 20 '19 at 11:34 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Well, I think the main concept to take into account is that Bitwig is a modular environment.

Instead of having big functions hidden under unclear menu choices or automagic selections, Bitwig offers you many little tools which do what they are meant to do in most efficient way, to be combined in processing chains. In such a way, once you got the general picture, it is YOU* who decide which features you really need.

And you build, save and reuse those building blocks as they were originally in the DAW, but tailored to your real needs.

This, together with an unpaired flexible signal routing, are very strong points of Bitwig.

Clearly, this requires a bit of knowledge, some expertise in its use, something you gain using it, reading some docs, asking, following some courses, experimenting new flows.

I will never stop suggesting the AskVideo specific courses on Bitwig, I found very nicely done.

Best regards, Fabrizio

Ps. please upvote me if useful.


answered Feb 21 '19 at 00:53 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Very well said!

  — (Feb 21 '19 at 09:22) sticklebrick


I see what you mean...

Actually there is a nice button in the lower left corner of the piano roll which allows layered editing...

See this picture...

layered editing

The structure is similar to what I've shown before... I have colored the tracks and opened the piano roll, clicking on layered editing.

This allows you to edit all the tracks or the one you select all by once.

Does this help you?



answered Feb 20 '19 at 19:07 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

It's a bit unclear what you are asking but I have some suggestions anyway. You could use note filters to split the keyboard range. Also, in the piano roll, Bitwig allows you to change the midi channel of individual notes on an instrument track so you could exploit this feature too.


answered Feb 20 '19 at 08:09 by sticklebrick (480)


This structure works, thank you. I was looking for a device/instrument that made a "send a note to ... " possible, but that seems not the way to go.

Is it possible to combine all note into view? Currently, I'm only able to see (and edit) the selected lane. Selecting multiple lanes (using shift) seems to show only the last selected lane (not one ghosted, one editable).. I would like to see my chord progression (inst1) and edit the melody on inst2 so it uses the chord-notes. Now I go back and forth and have to memorize the notes.

If I select the Group: the piano-roll is active (with animated notes) but also no editable notes are displayed


answered Feb 20 '19 at 15:40 by DotSolenoid (61)

This is a life saver ...

Maybe Bitwig could activate this button if you select multiple tracks, or ask "activate multiple tracks in the editor?". I'm still running the demo but those features made me hit the buy button.


answered Feb 20 '19 at 22:05 by DotSolenoid (61)

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