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I've been playing with the demo version of bitwig studio, and no matter what I do I cant get these pops and clicks to go away...

Im running ubuntu 18.04, using Jack as my driver (which I'm told really uses alsa) and Pulse Audio. I've set the buffer to 2048 both within the bitwig settings and in the QJackCtl interface. Still pops. I'm running this on a pretty nice newish laptop, so I doubt the hardware is at fault.

Please help! Thanks!

More Info:

I should have been more specific, I'm new to linux and somewhat new to DAW's in general.

The pops occur when I hit a note on any synth with my MIDI keyboard or when I play anything back. It's especially apparent with the "Nervousomething" synth at the onset of each note. There is no popping when nothing is running.

I can hear them pretty obviously with headphones. The only other listening devices I have are my laptop speakers, which are crappy and quiet, so I can't really tell with those.

In the "In Circles" track, I can only hear them when I solo the "Dusty Drops" portion of the track.

Looking at the performance plot, I don't see any super noticeable spikes as I play midi notes, however I still hear the popping at the start of notes. I don't hear it in the sustain though.

Interesting, hopefully thats the culprit although the fact that my pops don't seem to be on any minute mark makes me worry that it might be something else. Could it be specific to my headphone output?

Hi slammingsalmon,

I do not understand in which situation you get pops and clicks... 2048 is a pretty big number... I'm running jack on a laptop with 48khz sampling rate and I use 3 buffers of 512 with very good results.

Do you hear those pops just plugging the headphones, without nothing running? Which audio hardware are you using? How is your jack configured?

Did you run a demo project, "In Cicles" to cite one? Do you have click and pops continuously or just when cpu load is max?

Might you check how is your CPU load? just press the "chip" button between the transport control and the BPM, you will get a nice running graph... Take note of cpu load when you hear pops and clicks.

Just to tell you if you didn't know, all the u-he plugins, in demo mode, output pops and clicks every minute because it is the demo limitation. When you buy a regular license, pops and clicks disappear. I tell you because my very first time I didn't read the notes and was puzzled by that...

Best regards,



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Hey Fabrizio,

updated the post with more details.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

  — (Feb 23 '19 at 00:08) slammingsalmon

mmmm weird!

now... what is the sample rate on jack? set it to 44100. try to set the buffer size to 512 or 256. Did you set jack as audio driver in Bitwig? In this case no other setup is required for audio because you already set up in jack. Start qjackcontrol and run jack before running bitwig.

What happens if you listen a tune in youtube? To try, start jack then, after it is succesfully running, start firefox.

By checking the jack audio connections, you should see pulseaudio connected to system output trough jack.

Firefox output should get to system out because of this routing. How do you find audio quality?

Waiting for your results,



answered Feb 23 '19 at 01:16 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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