asked Feb 05 '15 at 03:04 by magnuzoid (11)

Hi, I'm using Bitwig 1.5 and I've been experiencing that some audio track can still recall the sound that they used to play. I remember one time I had a midi track that I had dragged some audio onto (the track switched to hybrid mode automatically) but the sound coming out of the track when in arrangement mode was still the same as it had been when using it as midi only. At this moment I'm experiencing it again but with and audio track that's always been an audio track! I've just sat down and solo'ed the different tracks I have in a project I've been working on, and I can hear how other track's i(sound) nformation is part of a track I'm soloing.. A fix for this is I have to make a new track and place the clip(s) on the new track and then it works..

This is really crucial.. One thing is that sound can be tricky when listening to it again and again, but when you sit with the final mix and you start questioning what's going on and you can see that the silence in a track doesn't match with what you listen to - then you really get confused!

I hope I'm not the only one messing with this - I thought it was fixed in 1.5 from the release notes, but maybe I misread the release notes. Crossing my fingers that this won't co-exist in 1.2..

Really happy about your product and I hope you will take this very seriously,

all the best!

Hey there, not sure if this is related but is it possible that you are playing things from the clip launcher, overriding the content you have in the timeline? Meaning you need to hit the "Switch to timeline"-button.

Are you doing any routings between tracks? Or using any receiver devices in your chains?



answered Feb 05 '15 at 07:43 by fredrik (186)

Hey, glad you ask, but both times I've been 100% in arrangement mode (using the switcher in top left of the timeline). I have been doing routing in the earlier stages. Like recording stuff from my Maschine plugin (using all 16 outputs) which has been routed out and then back in on individual audio tracks. At this moment the state of the project do no anymore contain the Maschine plugin but only the recorded audio tracks.

I actually experienced another weird thing. I had the "External fx" on many of the output tracks of my Maschine, and at some point Bitwig just had to tell me I had too many inserted at once (only one enabled at a time) by making a constant buzzing - at first I was afraid that it was my preamp I'm routing through, but then I found it to be a buzzing that the software generated. After deleting a couple of the devices it stopped, so I ended up just having one instance of the device at a time inserted..


answered Feb 05 '15 at 09:20 by magnuzoid (11)

Hey magnuzoid, I think it's best that you take this to Bitwig customer support: That way it will be easier to come to grips with your issues. Sending in a copy of your project would also be helpful.

  — (Feb 05 '15 at 11:24) fredrik

That's cool - I think I'll have to make a screen capture next time it happens for me, then it can be totally clear when I explain. Thanks for your time


answered Feb 05 '15 at 12:04 by magnuzoid (11)

I did experience same issue, with the tracks playing midi notes that are not in the current track arrangement or not playing at all notes that are in arrangement for particular track. It happens always for me during working in arrangement and doing move/copy/paste of arrangement clips. And then suddenly everything is working ok, all played sounds match notes in arraignment. Feels like it took some time to get updated. Annoying as hell since you never know when this pops out and when it clears out. Does anybody knows if this is a known bug ? or how to avoid it ?


answered May 10 '16 at 01:44 by Gronostalski (11)

OK, I think I found workaround to above problem. It happens only when transport play function is on or in loop mode, then if you move/shorten/or loop some track arrangements then sometimes those changes will not get updated. They will not play despite being present on the screen. But after you restart transport - press stop and play again, all seems they do get updated and work just fine. :)

  — (May 10 '16 at 04:20) Gronostalski

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