asked Mar 03 '19 at 21:49 by evanduril (11)

I'm new to Bitwig and new to DAW at all. I've bought Nektar Impact GX61 and i'm still learning Bitwig so maybe there is simple answer to my problems, but i havent been able to find any.

1) How to force bitwig to record me playing when i press the first key on keyboard? I don't want to press "Record" button and then in 1 milisecond start playing. It's annoying - i want Bitwig to start recording the moment i've pressed first key.

2) How to force metronome to "click" when i start recording (i.e press "record" button), NOT when i press (and hold) any key ?

Hi evanduril,

There is no simple way to do this. You'd probably have to look into writing your own controller script. Submit a feature request here:

Are you aware of the pre-roll feature?


answered Mar 04 '19 at 00:53 by sticklebrick (480)

Yes, i am aware. But it sucks anyway - you have to keep pressed any key for metronome to click. If you don't - you don't hear any clicks.

That's totally stupid.


answered Mar 04 '19 at 12:00 by evanduril (11)

Hi evanduril,

please forgive me if I do not fully understand your question.

What do you mean by "keep any key pressed"?

In my experience, when you enable metronome, by clicking the icon in the transport section, the metronome beats following the transport rolling: you do not have to keep anything pressed. If you enable pre-roll then when you start the transport, the metronome starts and, after the pre-count, the transport rolls-on.

alt text

What am I missing?



answered Mar 04 '19 at 12:16 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)


Agreed, something doesn't sound right there!

  — (Mar 04 '19 at 14:10) sticklebrick

Well in my program i have to press any key on my keyboard (Nektar Impact GX61) for metronome to click, when im recording audio. Press and hold. If i am not holding any key, metronome is clicking for few secs and then stop.

It happens during pre-roll.

What i want and expect from program: 1. Press recording button and program is on standby, waiting for any key to be pressed 2. If i have a pre-roll, after i press any key on keyboard it (metronome) should click all the time until pre-roll ends and then click even if i won't press any more buttons 3. If pre-roll is not selected, i want bitwig to automatically start recording when first key on my keyboard is pressed. I don't want to press "play" button .


answered Mar 05 '19 at 20:32 by evanduril (11)

what you ask, about automatically start transport pressing a key, doesn't allow you to start playing "in levare"... As sticklebrick suggested you can implement it in a a cript for your own purpouse... I would not want that.

  — (Mar 05 '19 at 20:49) fsciarra62

Definitely this is not the normal behavior for Bitwig.

Try to select "generic midi controller" from the setup menu and disable nektar.

I suspect that it is a problem, or a "function", of the controller script,

Please report back the results... I'm so curious...


Best regards,



answered Mar 05 '19 at 20:42 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Hi @evanduril, yes you are correct in expecting all behavior you mention, except starting recording with 'midi note on' events, that is not implemented by default in BWS yet. Like I said previously, it may be achievable by scripting. I suggest you contact tech support directly as it sound like you have some kind of bug or at least a more complex issue. As for starting recording with 'midi note on' events, please also contact tech support directly and suggest this feature, the BWS developers are usually very helpful and really do appreciate sensible feature requests.


answered Mar 05 '19 at 20:43 by sticklebrick (480)

edited Mar 05 '19 at 20:53

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