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Hello, I am using an Expert Sleepers ES8 soundcard as an input device into Bitwig. After a project is started or opened the input audio CH 1/2 becomes distorted and granular at 44100 / 512, on a Macbook Pro, Mojave 10.14.2. This can be a RAM heavy project or a new project with just a HW Instrument, MIDI output and audio input. Distortion will increase over ~30 seconds until it's unrecognisable. If I pause playback for some time the cycle starts anew. In Ableton or other DAWs I do not have this problem - default settings set 44100 and 512 samples. In Bitwig I also set 44100 and 512 samples, and many other variations, but the same problem persists. The Bitwig version is 2.4 ... Any pointers? Thank you, Gilbert

Hi Gilbert,

I do not own a Mac nor an ES8, so I do not have direct experience with your hardware. I do not know if there are known issues for the combination. Maybe others will point you on better directions.

What jumps in my mind is that what you describe looks like a feedback problem, I do not know of which exact nature.

I suggest you to check how you have configured input/output channels for Bitwig, and have some simple checks:

  • did you try the sample tracks, like "In Cicles" or "Berlin Morning" ? How do Bitwig deals with those?
  • set up a track with input from ES8 and disable monitoring for that track. How does it go?
  • do the opposite with output, without setting up any input from ES8. How does this sounds?
  • you have explicitly named channel 1 and 2. Does this mean that 3 and 4 behave correctly?

From your description, looks like you are using an external synth, maybe a modular :-) and you get the signal back via input channels of ES8. Right? It sounds like the typical pattern of use for ES8, actually. I guess MuffWiggler is full of users with that configuration. If my suggestions do not help you finding out what happens, maybe you might ask there: there is a specific Expert Sleepers channels, too.

Sorry to not being of any real help,



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