asked Mar 05 '19 at 15:37 by Xecular (10)

I am running my version of bitwig studio offline and need a way to download sound content that is also strictly offline (I cannot move files from another computer that has internet).

I've seen this asked before but still haven't found any real solution.

What I suggest you, and already done for myself one time, is to install Bitwig on this computer you use to connect to email and bitwig site, just the one you are using to read and answer me, remember you can activate Bitwig on three computers, regardless to os. Then use this computer to download the sound content, copy to an usb key or a cd and copy back to your studio computer.

How do you see that?

I understand the needs to keep a windows computer far and safe from internet, that's why I'm using only linux... :-) kidding again... well, to some extent... :-)

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answered Mar 06 '19 at 00:24 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

edited Mar 06 '19 at 00:25

Thank you for your continued help, but unfortunately that is not the main problem. All of my computers including what I am using now can connect to the internet, but Bitwig itself refuses to on all of my machines, even though the firewall allows it.

  — (Mar 06 '19 at 00:43) Xecular


This is definitely a firewall configuration problem. You have to allow established and related packets.

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answered Mar 06 '19 at 00:53 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

I beg your pardon, but I do not really understand what you mean,

You want to download sound content without being connected to the internet? Either with another computer?

I ask myself how did you got and registered Bitwig then. I do not believe you really can do that. The tooth fairy? :-) kidding

By the way, if you send your credentials and serial code to the commercial support, I am sure they can arrange something for you.

Write to

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answered Mar 06 '19 at 00:10 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Although I have fully function internet, my version of BitWig won't connect and support just told me to use offline mode.

Specifically what I am trying to do is download the packages through chrome or something, then locally install the package.

  — (Mar 06 '19 at 00:14) Xecular

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