asked Mar 06 '19 at 23:44 by DragD (168)

I am getting clicks on a bounced audio when the project tempo changes. Anyone else?

How to reproduce:

  • In a blank project add an instrument track, ex. with Polysynth
  • Select a pad preset, ex. String King
  • Add a clip and long sustaining notes
  • Add automation lane for the project tempo
  • Automate the tempo with triangle wave, i.e. a zigzag line
  • Bounce the clip to audio and listen the audio clip.

Example project:

I am on Bitwig 2.4.3, Windows 10, Komplete Audio 6.

@ DragD,

Tried what you said to the letter. There were some artifacts heard but these went away when I changed the stretch mode of the bounced audio clip.


answered Mar 07 '19 at 00:44 by sticklebrick (480)

@sticklebrick Great advice! It wouldn't come to my mind to change the stretch mode... Thank you!


answered Mar 07 '19 at 21:52 by DragD (168)

No worries :)

  — (Mar 08 '19 at 00:00) sticklebrick

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