asked Mar 08 '19 at 03:08 by nightmaresequence (11)

I would simply like to see which dot release of Bitwig is installed on one of my machines. Does Bitwig even create patch releases, or just full upgrade releases only? I fear that finding the specific version in app is either not possible, or it is so painfully easy to do, that I'm just missing it. Maybe there is a key modifier to view the full version number on the splash screen? Thanks in advance!

Alas it is the second: painfully easy... First of all it is clearly shown in the splash screen when you start Bitwig. Second, you press HELP in the Dashboard and then About.

alt text

The release shown is complete of major, minor and revision numbers.

The list of all bitwig release can be retrieved in the download page, under Release Archive.

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answered Mar 08 '19 at 08:49 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

edited Mar 08 '19 at 10:04

Can't believe I didn't see that Help menu earlier. Thanks so much Fabrizio for the details!

  — (Mar 08 '19 at 16:23) nightmaresequence

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