asked Mar 08 '19 at 10:23 by exalis (11)

Hi all,

I am having a recurring issue making Biwig Studio 2 much less enjoyable (happing since version 2.3 and an updated Debian 9).

As I try to go in full page explorer in Bitwig Studio 2 , like for adding an instrument or an effect, as soon as it loads for preview it freezes. I can hear the sound of the preview, so the audio engine is working, but impossible to close it. And the full interface is frozen. The only way is to kill the process and start again.

I can make the software works by adding modules through the right window explorer, dragging them. But it is less intuitive and at some point there is always the explorer opening.

Has anyone experienced such thing or have a clue about how to prevent it?

Thanks by advance!



I do not fully understand the situation.

Do you mean you have the engine running, playing some stuff, then you want to add something to a track and you open the browser?

In this case, I suspect it might be the plugin scanning...

What happens if you open the browser when the engine is paused?



answered Mar 08 '19 at 13:09 by fsciarra62 (840)

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