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I've been having issues. I've been working on an important project. There's simply no audio coming out, and in 2.4 it was working perfectly fine.

At first I simply dragged and dropped all the tracks to an older version of the project that seemed to work, but the audio stream stopped there as well.

Now I've been tinkering with the tracks to understand what's going on. I first deactivated all of them and all of the devices/plugins in the master chain.

Then I activated each track one by one, and the project started working again. At one point, the track I activated in that moment blocked the audio stream of the whole project. I deactivated all the devices on that track. Then I activated the devices one by one. As soon as I deactivated a certain EQ device, the audio from all the activated tracks started coming out again.

For now, it seems that some eq devices are deactivating the audio stream. I'm not sure of this because this process didn't work for some other tracks. Is anyone having the same issue?

EDIT 1: I was trying to recover my project by "remaking" all the tracks. I think I can confirm that the problem comes from the eq device. I had an effect track with an eq on. When I deactivated the eq device the audio started coming out again. I copied all the parameters in a new instance and deleted the old one. The process of recovering the project seemed to go fine when all of a sudden the audio stream got interrupted again. I deactivated the eq device in the reverb track that I had just placed, and indeed, the audio stream came back again!

I added an update to the thread.


answered Mar 09 '19 at 19:29 by Fil-Med (31)

Hi @Fil-Med,

Now that's how you fault find!! Still on 2.4 so can't confirm. You should contact tech support directly though, sounds like a bug. Maybe send them your project so they can investigate....


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