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Is there a way to manipulate midi note messages, so that I could use ON/OFF note triggers from one source and note value from another? Example use case: Having a percussion instrument in drum rack that would obey overall drum pattern from input, but have note pitch dependant on MIDI source from elsewhere (lead synth for example), and with further possibility to add note effects like arpeggiator to that source like in Note Receive module.

To answer my own question: Easiest way to go is using Channel Filter device, turning channel 1 off (or others if they're used) and adding Note Sidechain modulator with 0% curves and 100% sustain to turn channel on whenever notes come from rhythmic pattern. In case of adding notes to percussion, you add note receiver device first, to receive notes from melodic source, then apply what I've described above.


answered Aug 04 '19 at 14:24 by xiso (76)

Hi @xiso,

I'm no expert on midi but I'm not sure if that's even possible. I was under the impression that midi messages come in "packets" that can't be split into individual parts i.e. Midi on/off, note number, velocity etc and then merged with other data. II may be wrong though. Can anyone else comment on this??


answered Mar 10 '19 at 13:05 by sticklebrick (480)

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Well they do come in packets, but those packets come with several pieces of information. For instance whether it's note ON or OFF message, note value of the message, channel and velocity. It's possible to intercept these packets and alter them or to be more accurate in this case read out messages from 2 sources, buffer them and generate new messages based on combining rules. I can do that easily in modular environment like Usine Hollyhock, just would be useful to have as simple module in Bitwig.

  — (Mar 12 '19 at 23:25) xiso

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