asked Mar 11 at 06:24 by mholloway (91)

don't understand why, but all my SoundToys 5 plugins show up twice in any browser Collections they are added to, even though the folder on my system only contains one of each. This is not a matter of VST + VST3 showing up (which isn't how 2.5 works now anyway!), but rather 2 copies of the normal VST are showing up in the browser for no good reason....see the picture below, look at "PhaseMistress" -- it shows up twice. This happens for any and all SoundToys plugins that I add to a collection.

Sure enough, if you unselect the star icon for one of them, both immediately disappear!

Which means there is no way for me to get rid of the duplicates in my collections, which is really annoying...

alt text

PS > I'm on an iMac, low Sierra, running bitwig 2.5


answered Mar 11 at 06:24 by mholloway (91)

Is it maybe 32 bit and 64 bit?


answered Mar 15 at 15:04 by BlackHoleNFO (182)

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