asked Mar 14 '19 at 12:42 by sukebe (81)

(On Windows, BTW) In the 'In' of an instrument track, it only says 'all' and not specific midi 'boxes' like midisport, or 'virtual cables', like loopMIDI or LoopBe. Nor are there any controls of midi hookups within BW control panel, as Ableton has. Currently, I'm trying to record the midi out from Freestyler DMX, so that I can 'learn' which operations on the Freestyler interface correspond with which MIDI data. I can control Freestyler (and the light connected to it) from Bitwig; going out isn't the problem, it's MIDI coming in that's not happening. When I hit record on BW on a clip and fiddle with Freestyler, a single, yellow 'led' blips on and off in BW. However, looking at the clip, there is nothing there. MIDI OX is definitely showing MIDI data coming from Freestyler, via the otherwise handy loopMIDI app. For the time being, I'm going to try a free, more primitive MIDI recorder tonight to see if I can at least capture these Freestyler movements... and them import that MIDI file into BW. Any ideas? To be fair, I tried this is Ableton as well with no result either: looks like midi is recording, but nothing exists in the clip.

Have you looked into the Jack Audio Connection Kit, with Jack it should be possible....

I did a quick search online and found this article, having quickly scanned it, yes I know it's based on OSX but it says that the principles are the same for Windows. It might get you started in the right direction anyway. I'm sure there's other resources or tutorials out there that will help you. Good Luck!


answered Mar 14 '19 at 13:27 by sticklebrick (469)

Swing and a miss. there are NO mentions of audio in this message, while MIDI is mentioned everywhere. Freestyler is a light control software package. ; has nothing to do with Audio at all.


answered Mar 14 '19 at 13:33 by sukebe (81)

I didn't say that this article would be the full answer to your question, if you actually bothered to read the article you would see that it does also discuss MIDI routing between two applications.

  — (Mar 14 '19 at 13:37) sticklebrick

In Bitwig settings there's Controllers tab and you have to add controller there and associate it with MIDI port. If device you use isn't listed then just use Generic one. After adding and assigning midi port, you'll see it in the inputs of the tracks.

Also, device you mention maybe using Sysex messages, I doubt Bitwig could record that. If it's just CC values, then it should be possible.


answered Mar 14 '19 at 17:21 by xiso (76)

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That was helpful. I found another way (the hard way) If I can get values from Freestyler to Bitwig while recording, I'll reply on how I did it. But your advice might help in that area.


  — (Mar 16 '19 at 04:58) sukebe

OK, so I built sequences in Freestyler and triggered them with velocity steps; the only thing available to use in controlling lights. This was far easier than trying to control the lights directly, but less flexible in some ways. There are ways of controlling directly, but the setup is wildly time-consuming. So, build your light patterns in Freestyler and then trigger them with bitwig, or whatever you're going to use.


answered Apr 10 '19 at 14:43 by sukebe (81)

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