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I fail to understand the color contrast choices made in the Piano Roll. Whereas all the clips in the arranger / launcher have a bright, bold coloration to them, as do all the devices and nearly all the UI elements, when I open the Piano Roll, the coloration for the actual notes on the roll are very pale / dim / muted / faded you get the idea. Why? It's strikingly so compared to the entire rest of the UI, and I find that it hinders extended and/or detailed editing of midi notes in the piano roll. I'd much prefer the coloration be consistent with the clips themselves -- bold and clear. Ableton's piano roll notes (yes, had to go there) are very crisp and clear, making for very clear visualization of note data. BWS, on the other hand, the note data is anything but clear to me; everything has this soft faded-out look, like the notes are fading into the background. Brighten this stuff up! Make it like the rest of the UI!

those are my proverbial 2 cents on the piano roll, thank you. Please upvote if you agree, thanks.

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