asked Mar 16 '19 at 14:24 by Jeremysfx (132)

As far as I know Bitwig is the only DAW that does not bounce through FX when doing a bounce in place. I really wish Bitwig would add this option. I can not think of a time where I bounced in place and did not want the FX included.

Since Bitwig takes its clues from several different DAW's my vote would be to do something similar to Pro Tools where you have the option to bounce in place from any plugin position in the tracks plugin chain. It renders a new file, creates a new track with the plugins that were not processed and also gives you the option to hide and disable the bounced track ( which I also would love to see in Bitwig: Hide & Disable!). Truly the best bounce in place on the planet. I would LOVE to see something similar inside of Bitwig.

Hi @Jeremysfx,

I think this is just for flexibility, you can bounce in place to preserve the pre-FX audio and still use your fx chain, or you can bounce to new track to bake everything in.


answered Mar 16 '19 at 16:50 by sticklebrick (480)

Thanks for the tip: Apparently these options are possible in Bitwig they just aren't labeled in a way that I am used to. Or, at least not labeled in a manner that reflects common nomenclature. Consolidate in most DAW's is what bounce in place is here and bounce is what bounce in place is in most DAW's. Small little nit-picky stuff. Still, I am glad that it is possible to bounce from any plugin spot and create a new track !!! That is a massive plus for Bitwig!

Thanks !

  — (Mar 17 '19 at 12:41) Jeremysfx

What if you want to do reverse reverb and delay in some sound design experiments? What does post fader mean if its not with the FX added? Will bounce from Master do it with the track soloed?


answered Mar 27 at 06:14 by sygboe (0)

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