asked Mar 17 '19 at 07:45 by qgg (11)

I'd like to listen to and bounce some reverb I have added to an effect track. How do I do that without adding the original dry signal? I want a bounce of the 100% wet signal. I've looked in the manual and searched Google for half an hour just now but didn't find anything.

Hi @qgg,

You can draw empty clips on effects tracks and then bounce the clip out. Bounce pre-fader @ 32-bit are your best options. Make sure the clip length drawn is long enough to capture the full tail of the reverb. Also set the reverb device to 100% wet to get just the reverb on it's own.


answered Mar 17 '19 at 09:45 by sticklebrick (448)

edited Mar 17 '19 at 09:46

Great, this helps me with the bouncing. However, I'd also like to listen to the effect track (without the audio/instrument track) before I bounce it so I can finetune before I bounce. How can I do that?

  — (Mar 17 '19 at 14:57) qgg

Hmm, that's strange, it should not matter if the reverb is 3rd party as long as the VST has 100% wet. I'm not with Bitwig at the moment so can't confirm this. You can change the send output from post to pre fader and then turn the volume fader down on the source track to hear just the wet FX.


answered Mar 17 '19 at 15:07 by sticklebrick (448)

Hi sticklebrick, thank you, this worked! :) Oh, and it turns out I mis-identified the mix knob with something else, so both issues are solved now, thanks!

  — (Mar 17 '19 at 15:43) qgg

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