asked Mar 18 '19 at 01:51 by Entropy (31)

I have two sound cards, one for when I am home and one internal in my laptop when I am out. When I am home, I plug in the external USB soundcard and when I'm out I use the internal card. Bitwig 2.5 has issues with switching cards. When I plug the USB card in and use it, the next time I unplug it Bitwig will complain about it missing, and not list any cards in the ALSA Devices menu. Zero. I have to either delete my prefs directory, or first switch to JACK/PulseAudio before switching back to ALSA, and only then the sound cards display in the menu.

Anyone else have this issue?

I have contacted support, and they have replied to me once saying I should use JACK instead (which I don't want to), and have not responded to my followup emails.

I had this issue and found this question. My solution was removing and reloading the USB module

sudo modprobe -r snd-usb-audio
sudo modprobe snd-usb-audio

now they are listed under ALSA devices


answered Jul 18 '19 at 00:59 by oddyolynx (11)

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