asked Mar 20 '19 at 05:29 by BOJ (11)

can someone for the love of god please show me how to get these effects done on bitwig I have been trying to a while can can't seem to get the dynamics to work the same way as it does in abelton its driving me crazy because I use it a lot in my productions ill post the videos down below of what im trying to get done here please and thank you anyone

Hi @BOJ,

What particular aspect of this technique is the problem in Bitwig?


answered Mar 20 '19 at 10:45 by sticklebrick (434)

pretty much both everything in both videos I can't seem to get the dynamics plugin in in bitwig to sidehcain like the compressor in ableton it doesn't sound the same and in the w&w effect tutorial I can't get that affect at all with it is there anywhere you can post a tutorial on how to do this


answered Mar 21 '19 at 18:35 by BOJ (11)

Hi @BOJ,

I've attempted to recreate the preset in the first video. I've made an adjustment, by chaining two dynamics compressors in serial because one dynamics device on it's own was not cutting the reverb volume fully. The other thing I would suggest is that you try another reverb (personally I think the Bitwig Reverb Device is garbage, you can get better ones for free on KVR:

I've uploaded the preset I made to this website: (sticklebrick: Side Chained Reverb)

Let me know if it sounds any good, if it doesn't, then we can look at why, & how to make it better.


answered Mar 22 '19 at 00:32 by sticklebrick (434)

brother I have no idea how to work this thing you created at all what so ever so much stuff where do I even side chain like I have no idea its cool how everything is in one routing but its just way to confusing to use im not pro at using bit wig yet lol but I thank you for your hard work but I have no idea how to use this thing

  — (Mar 22 '19 at 03:34) BOJ

like why isn't there like two different chain for mid and Side like he hs I kinda want something identical to what the one guy had in lessons of ksmhr and the same way zen world did the w&w effect

  — (Mar 22 '19 at 03:40) BOJ

Hi @BOJ,

Bitwig devices differ to Ableton's so there will be differences but the principles are the same. Spend some time familiarising yourself with the differences. Watch some tutorials online. Break down the preset I made into smaller parts to see what each section is doing. Practice building your own simpler devices first.

Bitwig has a dedicated Mid/Side Splitter device for handling Mid/Side. It has two internal chains, you can add/view any nested device chains inside it, by clicking on the dark grey boxes labelled Mid or Side. The 2 knobs adjust the volume of Mid or Side.

I routed the output of the Mid Side Device to the Dynamics Sidechain inputs. I could have routed the output of say the synth feeding the whole Side Chained Reverb (SCR), but doing this would have meant that this would need to be re-assigned every time I load up the SCR, the way I've done it, it is automatically routed when loaded up.

Probably the reason why you're a bit confused, is the way that a lot of Bitwig devices have internal chains built in, allowing devices to be nested within devices nested within other devices and so on..... Once you get you head around this, it is actually a very powerful workflow. The colour coded brackets above each device help you to keep track of where each device is nested. I also try to think of nested devices as "children" of the "parent" device they are nested inside of. Nesting devices in this way also allows you to make the most of Modulators and Device Remote Controls Pages (Device Remote Control Pages is another subject I recommend you study). For example: A Modulator or Remote Control in a "parent" device, can be assigned to any parameter of any nested "child", "grandchild" or "great grandchild " device, and so on. Setting up Modulators and Remote Control Pages at higher levels to control key parameters, means you don't have to go digging down into your nested devices to make adjustments.

I will leave it there (TLDR). I hope this has been helpful.


answered Mar 22 '19 at 12:00 by sticklebrick (434)

edited Mar 22 '19 at 13:47

thank you so much I did try to break it down yesterday and just couldn't get it to side chain I have watched all of Baphys tutorials his did on the difference between bitwig and abelton and I understand all those concepts and how you have done it I just find it easier to do it that way because I am so use to it that way and it works right away no problem.... I am still trying to figure out how to use your set up but I usually just build the same audio effect rack as I did in abelton with bitwigs fx layer

  — (Mar 22 '19 at 17:54) BOJ

I made one with the mid layer and one with a side just like in the abelton tutorial and then I built another one with the dry and wet reverb signal I just couldn't get the dynamics work like the a compressor side chain does in abelton.... I love bitwig and fairy new to using it id say maybe 3 weeks in I have watched all of Baphometrix videos he's actually unreal and explains everything pretty well

  — (Mar 22 '19 at 17:54) BOJ

I just need to see what's going and see if ic an get it to work

  — (Mar 22 '19 at 17:55) BOJ

Hi @ BOJ,

That's the beauty of Bitwig, there's so many ways to do the same thing, super flexible. Baphy's done well to cover the differences between Bitwig and Ableton. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Maybe ask Baphy to do a video about Sidechain Reverb, he/she might oblige.....

  — (Mar 22 '19 at 17:58) sticklebrick

If you think it's the Dynamics Device that's the problem, you could try replacing that part with a Tool Device with it's Gain negatively modulated by an ADSR Modulator. That's one way, I'm sure there's other ways to emulate the effect too. Or maybe you can find a decent Compressor that has a Sidechain input on KVR.....

  — (Mar 23 '19 at 07:44) sticklebrick

In Ableton many things had to be made in multiple steps, while in Bitwig it can be done way faster and simpler. For one thing, there's ready made mid-side split device, so you can start putting your effects on mid and side right away. Second, by utilising modulators you can sidechain anything from anywhere in the project. You really need to see all the tutorials for Bitwig before trying to apply Ableton Live workflow. I don't even see the point in having Bitwig without understanding the difference and why/where it's better, where it's not.


answered Mar 22 '19 at 16:01 by xiso (66)

Reverb + Tool Left Bottom of "Tool" Choose "Show modulators" Choose Audio Sidechain or even better: Note Sidechain, and connect this to the "Amplitude" Of Tool and drag it down... Make sure the incoming signal is from one of the midi's you play...... this is imo way cleaner and more controllable then with Ableton... One of the best features of Bitwig!

Learn to do this fast, and its even easier.


answered Mar 27 '19 at 09:59 by Svenrgy (189)

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