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Hi !

I'm a total beginner on Bitwig. I'm on Kubuntu and all works great but :

I bought a midi pack on beatport. The demo sounds great.

But : 1) I don't know how to import/use the files in the Bitwig Libray. 2) When I go in the library of Bitwig, I select computer, I go take my midi files manually, the sound is absolutely awful (music of computer from 80's).

How use the files, with the good sound ?


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Ciao NinJoDo,

this short message to let you know that you can find a nice Carla plugin called CalfFluidsynth which is able to load the Soundfonts (actually it is fluidsynth).

You just add a Carlarack plugin and then you load Calf Fluidsynth inside Carla.

You can configure it pressing the GUI button. Remember to turn it on with the On/Off button.

When you save the project, it remembers all the setup you make to soundfonts, program assignment to channel, etc.

I beg your pardon if I did not check that before: it enormously simplify the whole workflow.

Hope this helps,



answered Apr 26 '19 at 04:37 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)


please find here a kind of a description on how to integrate QSynth into a Bitwig project. Hope this helps...



answered Mar 29 '19 at 17:44 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Hi NinJoDo,

I have added some notes to try to clarify my post on QSynth integration.

Hope this can be of help.



answered Apr 01 '19 at 16:50 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

We might also try with a discord channel.

I am at my computer waiting for a signal from you.

My e-mail is


answered Apr 24 '19 at 21:59 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)


Thx Fabrizio for your help !

I try to summarize what I understood for others (and for me to remember :-)). If I'm wrong, pls correct me ! There's 3 ways for having orchestra sound in Bitwig. 1) use internal sound (but orchestral sounds are very rare and ugly) 2) use qsynth in HW instrument in Bitwig. So it will records midi notes. a) You can bounce to have audio recording on another track, or b)put the first track (midi) as input in the second track (audio).

Whatever, never forget to start sudo "modprobe snd_virmidi", to have virtual midi.

MANY MANY THANKS to Fabrizio who accepted to spend 2 hours with me explaining that by discord + Teamviewer. This guy is one of the coolest I know.


answered Apr 25 '19 at 01:55 by NinJoDo (23)

Hi there,

I'm awfully sorry because in these days I'm fully dedicated to help my brother and I do not have enough time to properly answer.

I just drop a couple of lines, then as soon as possible I will post something more.

To properly hear midi files, supposedly in GS or XG standard, right out of the box, you need to use a synth capaple of rendering multichannel sounfonts. In the linux environment my preferred choice is QSynth + fluydsynth. I do not use kubuntu since ages but I am sure you can find the installation packages for those boys. Usually they come with a soundfont preinstalled. If you want one which gives you good results search for Omega sounfont. I'm far from my computer so I cannot provide direct links and more details, sorry.

When you are done with that, start qjackctl to properly and easily manage jack and load (modprobe) the faboulous snd_virmidi, to be able to route normal midi output to internal synths.

Then setup Bitwig in jack mode, create a track with an hw instrument to route midi to QSynth and get the output back into Bitwig. Connect the output midi ports from bitwig to qsynth using qjackctl connection page and the audio ports to a stereo input defined in the Bitwig setup page.

Route the midi channels to that track and enjoy.

As soon as possible I will put some screenshots, if needed.

For cinematic strings, I do not know that package. Normally you should be able to drag and drop the file from the file browser (last folder in Bitwig browser) and a proper plugin, if supported, should be loaded for you. Which kind of files are contained in the package?

Cannot do more for now. I beg your pardon.



answered Mar 25 '19 at 03:51 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Just to ask...

Do you need further assistance or you are ok now?

Just drop a line, at least, otherwise it means you're jolly good to me.

Well, at least a thank you would be appreciated, but alas,.....




answered Mar 28 '19 at 22:35 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)


To be honest I would love to try all that but it's 3 days ago I try to make jackd runs. I tried one million things, but nothing.

I desesperate...


answered Mar 28 '19 at 22:54 by NinJoDo (23)

Please don't.

Or better, wait before hitting the desk...

Which audio hardware are you on? I mean, which brand and model and how is your audio interface connected to your computer?

If you have time now, I can try to help setting your system up.



answered Mar 28 '19 at 23:04 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

I do not know in which part of the world you are... I'm in Italy, so take into account that it's 11:20 PM. I'm available to help you but I cannot stay all night asleep... So, if I can help you now, it means literally, ehm, now! :-D



answered Mar 28 '19 at 23:20 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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