asked Mar 21 '19 at 18:32 by dbora (51)

Hey Guys,

Since the very first version i get annoyed that the hide unused midi notes isnt working properly... Am i the only one with this behaviour because i cant find anything in the Q&A!

At first it works well but after a while some clips wont hide the unused keys and isntead they show all of them with a 1 in the name field !?

alt text

| | | |

Hmm didn't experience that myself but then again I almost never use that mode, maybe just describe the bug to and they can take a look at what's up?


answered Mar 30 '19 at 19:52 by Taika-Kim (126)

Click Layer Editing Mode button to turn it on to edit multiple tracks/clips at once. Click Show Note Editor button to turn it on. Unpin unused layers so they're no longer visible. Most likely if the button Show drum editor (hides unused keys) button is displaying unused keys it is because you have more than one channel pinned to be visible (displaying the notes used by the other tracks/clips). Just a guess.


answered May 06 '19 at 19:12 by Petrovits (21)

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