asked Mar 23 at 14:49 by audiunt (10)

Bitwig doesn't seem to detect the tempo of entire tracks. When I drop a complete track into Bitwig it detects a tempo around 90 BPM when the track is 126 or something. There is not much to be found about tempo detection.

Is Bitwig supposed to do tempo detection?

Yes, but it's very bad, definitely one of the weak points of the software if you work a lot with imported audio :/ Then again I didn't find Ableton's detection accurate enough either, I'm used to checking it out by hand,


answered Mar 30 at 19:51 by Taika-Kim (76)

I know the procedure for Ableton and Rekordbox is kind of accurate. I'm new to Bitwig and some things are still confusing.

How would you do this by hand?


answered Mar 31 at 17:50 by audiunt (10)

There might be a better way, but I just tweak the clip BPM until it matches the grid. Íf there's an intro or something that is not in time, I cut the clip from a beat, consolidate it (otherwise changing the BPM of the clip will move the contents), and then adjust the BPM.


answered Mar 31 at 20:08 by Taika-Kim (76)

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