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I have a question about Bitwig Studio. I use this program to record my voice with a karaoke-song. With this program, I can edit only the voice or the instrumental line or both in the master. But how can I export the voiceline, the instrumental line and the master in one? When I'd like to export a song with all the things I did in the program, then I got differet files for the voice, the instrumental and the master, and so I cannot hear that together as it works in Bitwig.

Thanks for your answer.

Kind regards sing_girl

To export your song:

Go to file > export audio > popup menu select the master track from the list select directory/folder location and hit ok to export wave file.


answered Apr 02 '19 at 09:15 by roibitwig (11)

Thanks for the information. It really helped me!

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answered Jul 17 '19 at 08:39 by amylawson (11)

Did you solve the problem, I hope you did.

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answered Nov 20 '19 at 14:13 by longjumper (11)

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answered Feb 10 at 05:29 by RoBerti (7)

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