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I know we can loop clips which is awesome for repeat pattern music. However is there a way to have a shared copy of a midi / audio clip in different parts of the arrangement? That way they do not have to be right next to each other. In Studio One it does this through a feature called duplicate shared.

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Not at the moment. When you copy a midi part it becomes independent and is unaffected by changes to the original. It would certainly be a useful feature, so it may be best to send in a feature request to tech supprt, as they like to know these things


answered Feb 11 '15 at 22:17 by sarwoo (131)

It surprises me that pattern based sequencing in this way isn't an integral part of a lot of modern sequencers especially with a lot of them geared towards creating electronic music

I know these have it: Logic, Cubase, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Orion, Reaper

I actually raised this on the Live forums 9(!) years ago

I think this should be the same for audio parts too. for example last time the Properllerheads people came to demonstrate the new Reason at my local shop, they were talking more about live music recording. I raised the point that say you'd recorded a demo drum loop in your track and then sequenced it, and then wanted to replace that loop across the sequence with something better, there's no real option to do it at the moment, other than manually copying in the new sequence with another sample.

I hope this feature makes it in too. it was one of the first things I tried to do when I got the Bitwig demo and was somewhat disappointed it wasn't there.



answered Oct 02 '15 at 02:03 by jmp909 (41)


answered Jul 03 '17 at 16:29 by antic604 (519)

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The official way is to write to support and request it, it is understood that devs try to prioritize features based on user demand.

  — (Jul 03 '17 at 18:04) ejgallego

Great, but how can we know what's in demand if everyone has to request it separately via e-mail or user form? A lot of people might not even know they want it, but if they saw a list of requested features with description of their functionality they might vote on it. Ableton does a lot of things wrong, but at least they have such a list with voting. Not that they listen ofcourse, but at least it's there :D

  — (Jul 03 '17 at 19:56) antic604

Ghost Clips would be fine. I worked a lot with this feature in my old Cubase days. It make composers life so much easier.


answered Jan 26 '16 at 23:09 by justchris (56)

@Konstantinov - there's no right or wrong in how people are writing music and if they want to ba able to copy certain elements across the song and then adjust all of them by just changing the source, this should be possible. The same way like if you change your instrument, all MIDI parts played with it are going to change. You should be able to do it for the notes, automation, etc. It doesn't have to be a standard or default behaviour, but it should definitely be an option for those who want to use it.


answered Mar 28 '17 at 10:28 by antic604 (519)


You can take any clip you want and copy it across, hold leftlick on aclip+ hit ctrl, move it to desired location and release it. You can also dublicate a clip, (not the same as loop), select a portion of audio you want to copy right after selection, press ctrl+d. its easier remember the shortcut by thinking ctrl+d(ublicate) Last but not least, you can select more than one clip at the time and copy and paste

If you have any more questions. Add me on skype and i can show more indepth search for edm-production Cheers.


answered Feb 11 '15 at 18:46 by ronnyrydgren (1.2k)

Thanks for the response. I should have phrased the questions better.

alt text

Clip C is looped and dragged out. These are looped/shared copies. You edit one part of "C" it is then changed in all of the subsequent parts.

Is there a way to make clips "A" and "B" shared? Where if I edit "A" then that change is automatically reflected in clip "B"? And vice-versa.


answered Feb 11 '15 at 20:32 by SonicElements (258)

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Ah i missunderstood you. You mean like linking clips together, soo you can copy across and if you change anything in the linked clips, all clips will change like when you loop? Sounds awesome, however this feature is not avaible yet

  — (Feb 12 '15 at 15:35) ronnyrydgren

Still no implementation as of version 2 :(


answered Mar 09 '17 at 17:10 by jmp909 (41)

I cannot imagine Photoshop anymore without Smart Objects. I'd like to feel one day the same way about Bitwig's "Smart Clips" ;)


answered Mar 09 '17 at 17:23 by mgaw (248)

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Not only instances not available in 2.0 BUT they also screwed up awesomely fast copy/paste with select + ctrl+c I ctrl+v functionality, which partially compensated lack of instances/references. Hope it will get fixed soon.

BTW, I believe that Instances/References AREN'T critical and may created visual mess. Similarly to FLStudio, for example, where you don't know for sure if clip have instances spread over whole project OR you have unique clip. + all the automation inheritance


P.S. Music is all about improvisation, trials and errors, misc differences NOT the mechanical looping and repeating.


answered Mar 10 '17 at 16:23 by Konstantinov (209)

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