asked Apr 02 '19 at 03:20 by cyberlife-music (51)


I meet a serious problematic issue since I've updated Bitwig to 2.5 (from 2.3).

My whole hardware setup is synced to midi via my fireface RME 802 and when I press play, it works, but when I add an external VST (not all of them, but a big quantity of them), not coming from Bitwig, it doesn't send any midi clock anymore. Without it works but as soon as I put one on a track, it's over...

Same issue for HW instruments...

After investigations, restarts, reinstalls, etc... I finally discovered that it bugs when I have the SPP activated. But this is problematic for me because I need it sometimes to record... When I disable SPP, it all works very well with external VSTs.

But it is possible to help me to fix this problem, or at least, to fix this software problem for the forthcoming versions ?:)

Thanks a lot !!


I did not have the mean to check it for2.5.1 beta...

I suggest to send asap an email to with the details on this.

The developers seldom read/write on this q/a forum.

Best regards,



answered Apr 02 '19 at 07:56 by fsciarra62 (890)

Hi, I tried 2.5.1 beta since 2.5.0 was not working for this case. I also contacted support@bitwig, waiting for a response. Best regards.


answered Apr 02 '19 at 10:38 by cyberlife-music (51)

HEHE GOOD LUCK GETTING AN ANSWER FROM BITWIG SUPPORT.........USELESS back to ableton we go...lets hope ableton re steal some bitwig concepts for ableton live 11....then we might al be happy again


answered Apr 07 '19 at 04:14 by blissbomb (11)


why do you shout in this way?

I have never had troubles with Bitwig support. They have always answered my question, and in general solved all the problems.

Sure I do not shout or bully them: I am correct and so they are.

Go back to Ableton if you feel well. You can also get back to 2.3 until they solve the problem, or even use blackboard and chalk and meld your pc in acid, it's up to you.

I wish you find your way... I have strong confidence in Bitwig developers, ymmv.

Best regards,



answered Apr 07 '19 at 08:15 by fsciarra62 (890)

fabrizio i can only imagine that you have no need for advanced functionality in bitwig....perhaps you just make a bit of ambient stuff on your laptop? or a few beats here and there. i need bitwig to sync as slave to a DAW from another computer....BITWIG WILL NOT DO THIS!!! astounding as it is in 2019 i am a composer and need this functionality for my for bitwig say its non existent..


answered Apr 07 '19 at 09:05 by blissbomb (11)

im willing to bet bitwig support do not even notice this post...since there is no evidence of that at all


answered Apr 07 '19 at 09:06 by blissbomb (11)

Hi blissbomb,

Sure I am not at your level, whatever level it is.

And I use Bitwig by itself, without other daw.

And, no. I don't do ambient on my laptop. I'm mainly a live keyboardist, with pretty good hardware synths I'm very proud of. So my main use for Bitwig is record my performances and make arrangements using my VST or Jack instruments. And some Csound and Supercollider stuff sometimes. With an interest on integrating pd in my workflow.

So very basic, easy stuff, I imagine experienced people dominate far better than me.. you know, I still have troubles with simple pd patches, you know what I mean.

That sayd, just to ask, have you tried the Ableton link stuff? I do not even understand what it is, but maybe it works better than midi sync, I don't know.

Ah, last but not least.

As is written in the rules, this is an user driven forum...

It means that developers do not read this forum.

To contact support, write email to support.

So you do not need any further evidence: it is written that this is for user questions and answers. Users. Me, you, the others, us... users.

I hope you will find a way to solve your troubles.

Best regards,


ps... yes, I am a snobby linux user :-D


answered Apr 07 '19 at 09:40 by fsciarra62 (890)

Hi Thx for not trolling with Ableton :D I've been a long time user of Ableton but nowadays when I see Bitwig, as it is now and what it will be in the future (with the grid, etc), pretty sure I won't go back to Ableton ahah ! Even if I'm a bit sad of this bug, but that's ok actually, I disabled SPP. Just hope it will be fixed for the next updates, they've been contacted in any case. The aim of this post was to find a temporary solution... Otherwise I'd have been constraint to roll back to 2.3 version.



answered Apr 07 '19 at 13:46 by cyberlife-music (51)

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