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dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

[EDIT] Paraphrased and condensed the original novel I had posted complaining about how there's not a feature or function to move a track's timing forward or back in time. Well it turns out there IS. DERP DERP I've never felt so happy to be wrong, even if it means feeling like an @$$. Apparently I didn't read up enough on the new features. Looking forward to many years of BitWig as my primary DAW going forward.

Redacted second comment to help reduce the amount of foot in mouth. I was wrong. There is a tool to shift. You guys deserve my money. I will buy. Well Done!


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Hi @JimmyLoops,

Isn't that what the Time Shift device does?


answered Apr 04 '19 at 19:38 by sticklebrick (480)

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Yep. it appears that way @StickleBrick. Thank You so much. BitWig, I appologize and I blame both myself, and google for this. Had I seen search results related to that tool, in the 5-10 different searches I did before posting, I would not have ranted as I did. I believe the figure of speech for me right now would be "foot in mouth"

Thrilled that there's a tool for it! Looks like you'll be making 400$ off me today. Might as well post something I make w/ the tool later on as a follow up.


answered Apr 04 '19 at 23:14 by JimmyLoops (0)

Hi @JimmyLoops,

Glad I could help. This forum is intended for Q&A's mainly. For more open discussions (including justified rants) and sharing of projects/ideas, Head over to:

Happy Bitwigging!


answered Apr 05 '19 at 11:06 by sticklebrick (480)

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