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In standard music notation, A4 is tuned to 440 Hz. But when I add midi notes in the Midi Editor and then play them on virtual instruments, Bitwig's A3 is being mapped to 440 Hz, and all the notes are one octave higher than they should be. Confirmed with two different pitch analyzers with five different virtual instrument plugins, including Kontakt 6's E-Piano.

Bitwig's Organ device correctly plays A4 as 440 Hz but Bitwig's Polysynth and FM-4 play it as 880 Hz, an octave up.

Edit: Also confirmed using Bitwig's Spectrum Analyzer device and Polysynth.

Edit: Tested in other DAWs like Tracktion with the same external pitch analyzers. Other DAWs correctly map midi A4 to to 440 Hz for the same virtual instruments and plugin settings for which Bitwig maps A4 to 880 Hz.

Hi there,

I do not understand what you mean.

I have double checked, using my Kurzweil PC3K7 connected via USB. I have selected a Grand Piano for both.

When I press C3 on the Kurz, I see C3 pressed on the piano roll. And the pitch is comparable.

When I press C3 on the piano roll, C3 plays on Kurzweil. Again the pitch is the same.

So... MIDI notes are all created equal in Bitwig.

By the way, when you refer to synth, you should consider that oscillator have tuning and octave selectors, which are quite independent from the MIDI note you press... If you look to polysynth, octave range for an oscillators is from 32' to 1'. Same is for all the synths, internal or VST, each with different "footage" for oscillators.

Beware that the same is valid also for organ emulation, in which you have different footage for single registers. I have a great joy playing Aeolus, as a pipe organ emulator... just if you are interested into.

Hope this helps...



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