asked Apr 08 '19 at 07:53 by Epistemic (31)

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I had been mastering exported audio from other DAWs fine in Bitwig. But I tried exporting an audio file from Bitwig and then importing it into a new Bitwig project to master. The exported Bitwig project had tempo of 65, but I left the new project's tempo at 110 initially. When I import the audio, it gets stretched (squished really) to a tempo of 110 and cuts off the end, so that it has exactly the same number of bars in the new project that it had in the original project. In settings -> Audio -> Stretching I have both "short" and "long samples" set to "raw".

Mmmmm... I just come to try this... I do not have this behaviour...

I'm currently on 2.5.1beta5...

Which Bitwig version are you using?

What happens if you manually select a different algorithm for the clip? Like Spectral Elastique Pro or Granular Stretch HD? Or raw?



answered Apr 16 '19 at 01:15 by fsciarra62 (890)

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