asked Apr 10 at 18:50 by Wardookie (21)

Maybe I am a little dumb, but what does Q2 mean when talking about the release date of Bitwig 3?

Thanks for any clarification.


1 year = 12 months... 1 Quarter = 3 months.

Q1 = January, February, March

Q2 = April, May, June

Hope this helps,



answered Apr 10 at 19:19 by fsciarra62 (764)

edited Apr 10 at 19:19


Thanks Buddy!

  — (Apr 10 at 19:40) Wardookie

He he he... Don't worry! I'm holding my breath too... Also waiting the final release of 2.5.1... which has to become steady just before that... Keep calm and Bitwig the hell out of your keys! :-F

  — (Apr 10 at 19:46) fsciarra62

This is a good question. Because the time that "Q2" represents depends on the country.


answered Apr 15 at 16:44 by syuilo (11)

You should add some smiley when you make jokes, because humor depends on the country.


  — (Apr 15 at 16:56) fsciarra62

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