asked Apr 11 '19 at 03:26 by Weru (0)

When I have multiple instances of Envelopes in a Preset - in this case from Sampler controlling the frequency of multiple flangers in the FX chain - all Envelopes but the first aren't going through all stages, resetting to the beginning prematurely. There doesn't appear to be any correlation to the first Envelope if I change or deactivate it, nor to note-off instances. The only solution I've found is to move the envelopes further down the FX chain. Any suggestions what I might be overlooking?

Hi there,

mmmm... I did not try that but just reading your pist, it comes to my mind that you should use an fx layer with envelope and flanger in each layer, so they go in parallel.

Have you already checked this architecture?

Let us know how it goes... :-)


PS... Ehm... I tried.... I do not know if I got what you were trying to do... Here is a picture of what I was talking about: flager layers

I have modulated the mix via an ADSR with drastical flanger setups, in order to understand if it works, and... well... it works...

I can clearly listen the ADSR completing their cicles independently... and in parallel...

Did I got it well?

Let me know.



answered Apr 11 '19 at 08:34 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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Thank you, I figured it out. Any Envelope modulators nested in Sampler will cutoff once the sample being played ends. So yes, rather nest them in an Instrument Layer before or FX Layer after.


answered Apr 11 '19 at 09:54 by Weru (0)

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