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I tried to replicate the bug again this morning in Ableton Live Lite and BitWig and had no luck then realised it may be something in the workflow. Which is:

  1. Open FLStudio
  2. Open track with piano roll I want to export to midi
  3. Remove all instruments in rack bar the one with the pattern I want
  4. Macros -> Prep for midi
  5. Export
  6. Drag drop into Cytrus VST in BitWig and it will glitch and then the volume is lost till I re-select the preset again. This will happen on reload and I will have to select the VST presets again (WARNING: Cytrus does not remember or tell you the preset selected after project reload).

Alternate No 6: Ableton Live Lite: *
I added Cytrus VST, choose a preset and drag n dropped the midi file to the layer, no bugs, no issues.

NOTE: Using Harmor & Kontakt instead of Cytrus VSTs
I've tested this process in BitWig with IL Harmor VST and NI Kontakt VSTs and it works fine.

NOTE: Odd behaviour after bug
Once the bug has been introduced, the volume on the VST can be restored by re-selecting the preset. However there is another issue created that saving the project and then re-loading the project often results in the Cytrus VST not loading in the correct preset (I think it goes to the default) but also volume is glitched again till you select the preset you want.

Who to tell? Who's issue is it? Everyones?
Not sure which is the cause of the bug but I suspect it could be multiple? Is it FLStudio for exporting a bad midi file? Is it BitWig for importing bad midi data and pushing bad data to the VST? Or is it the ImageLine Cytrus VST for bugging out with whatever BitWig is feeding it from that Midi file?

Video of the issue can be found at:

Midi file can be found at:

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