asked Apr 22 '19 at 02:08 by Ethnographer (41)

Is there any way to get CV from a VST plugin? It’d be pretty useful in the case of Reaktor.

More specifically, the new Toybox pack of Reaktor blocks includes a pretty efficient Pitch Follower (along with a pretty decent Envelope Follower). It’s been easy to set this up to modulate the pitch of an oscillator within Reaktor (and the amplitude of the resulting sound, not to mention a bit of waveshaping to go with changes in amplitude).

Bitwig has a pretty good envelope follower but no pitch follower (a pitch follower would be especially useful in BWS3). Before anyone mentions Melodyne (which I do have), this is a different thing. Contrary to “pitch-to-MIDI”, a pitch follower allows for the full contour to control the pitch of an oscillator.

So, I’d like to use the pitch output from the Toybox follower to modulate pitch elsewhere in Bitwig. For one thing, it’d allow me to record the pitch movement and reuse it to modulate other things after the fact.

I can output pitch from Reaktor as an audio rate signal that Bitwig appears to be able to record, but I can’t find a way to use this signal to modulate something else (audioside chain doesn’t work since it’s not about amplitude).


Gotta say thanks for the headsup - missed this module and sorely missed in BW (pitch quantizer in my case, but the reaktor block does it). Only approach I can think of is routing reaktor into a hardware input that can be used in a HW CV modulator - so that means either cables or software loopback. Pretty silly., but works


answered Apr 23 '19 at 12:16 by ratsnake (211)

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