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I have a VSTi that doesn't have a GUI, so I can't edit the patches or map them in Bitwig, I inserted a 'MIDI Program Select' & 'MIDI CC' Bitwig device and am then able to send the VSTi MSB & LSB data or simply MIDI CC data. This works to confirm the VSTi is controllable using MIDI.

However. I have a MIDI editor that I run externally to control this VSTi. So I connected this editors MIDI Out to Bitwig MIDI In via a MIDI loopback but Bitwig isn't passing any data of this Editors MIDI Sysex on to the VSTi other than note events and modulation???

I am new to Bitwig (Cubase user) so am I wrong to assume Bitwig should be receiving all MIDI sysex data from the MIDI Loopback and passing it to the VSTi like it clearly does when using Bitwigs 'MIDI Program Select' & 'MIDI CC' Device before the VSTi Instrument.

In simply terms. How do I get all MIDI data from the extgernal application into Bitwig to pass through to the VSTi or is this not supported? If it isn't, I'll have to return to Cubase I think which would be a huge shame as I already purchased Bitwig, just assuming it must support external MIDI Sysex?


to my current knowledge Bitwig doesn't manage sysex data. They should not been filtered but for sure they cannot be saved or whatever.

One solution might be to have an external VST host, like Carla, to hold your VSTi, route your midi data via jack and vir_midi from both. using an HW-instruments in Bitwig.

I do not know if this can work actually...

Just an idea.



answered Apr 25 '19 at 23:43 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Yes it does seem this way. Bitwig doesn't even seem able to read sysex imported in on a midi file either. Such a shame. Sysex is vital sometimes to just get stuff done sometimes. I'll have to return to Cubase I think as there's too much I use sysex for in my setup really.

  — (Apr 26 '19 at 22:20) hockinsk

Well, I do not think you HAVE to return to anything, if you want... You can give a try to the solution I have proposed. Then , if you do not need Bitwig at all, then you can go back to what you prefer. But I believe that no product is perfect and has all the features the others have plus more... I have used other DAWs and analogue stuff and the flexibility and speed of Bitwig is unmatched in my experience. Any idea comes in my mind finds its way to go. YMMV... Best regards, Fabrizio

  — (Apr 27 '19 at 01:09) fsciarra62

I need in/out sysex support at the midi track level unfortunately as my set-up requires it to be that way. Not just for this particular VSTi that doesn't happen to have a GUI to map controls to Bitwig, but also to communicate with external hardware from the sequencer, send and receive sysex while the track is playing etc in a more traditional MIDI hardware setup. Hopefully one day Bitwig will support sysex, but until then it's not worth struggling with for my particular needs.

  — (Apr 27 '19 at 12:10) hockinsk

Hi, hockinsk,

just to ask, to share experience,

which hardware synth are you using that need be controlled via sysex?

I currently have several, a 168u modular synthesizer, a Kurzweil pc3k7, a Waldorf Pulse 2, a Waldorf Blofeld, an Access Virus TI2 keyboard, a couple of Eventide H9. Here a picture of my babies in a live concert, with another keyboardist next. :-) my rig I easily control all of that via Bitwig when in studio, with no troubles at all, routing modulations and assigning Midi Cc to needed parameters. I also have a Novation Impulse 49 I use to control several parameters in real time, especially for the two Waldorf which have limited interface.

What do you need sysex for? I think I am missing something which may be of help for my setup I do not even know.

Please make me understand. I am always eager to learn new tricks.

Thank you very much for any help you give me.


answered Apr 27 '19 at 12:39 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

edited Apr 27 '19 at 13:11

Mainly Yamaha synths and any that extended the midi format and so those extended features can only be controlled using sysex not midi cc. Some XG stuff such as the Yamaha FB-01, CS6, SW1000XG, PLG & XG stuff is so much easier to work with if you can just send sysex from a dedicated software editor/librarian and then have that set-up on midi playback from the sequencer.


answered Apr 27 '19 at 15:01 by hockinsk (21)

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