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Even after successfully getting sounds out of the following configuration, if my laptop goes to sleep, or if I save the project and restart it later, or if I manually deactivate and then re-activate a layer, I have a hard time getting the following configuration to recognize any audio (from my guitar) coming into HW Instrument, nested inside an Instrument Selector - even when a sibling layer will work as expected when it is selected.


  • Instrument Selector, including both a HW Instrument as layer in the instrument selector - uses mono audio input for my guitar - and a synthesizer
  • Track uses all inputs (so as to allow for both MIDI from a keyboard for the synthesizer and also MIDI pedalboard for controlling the DAW and an effect that is inserted after the Instrument Selector)

Frequently, when I exit and restart a project, the instrument layers within the instrument selector may show themselves as being "suspended", with grayed out or crescent moon shaped power icons. Using my keyboard will wake up a synth layer, but strumming my guitar will not wake up a HW Instrument layer, so I have to manually click deactivate and again to activate the layer. Even after I re-awaken the instruments manually, and the moon-shaped icon is replaced with a full yellow circle, however, I cannot get sounds from my guitar out of the HW Instrument any more (although I can if I use this HW Interface to effects configuration in a different instrument track without the instrument selector).

The reason I use the selector is that the effect at the end of the chain is a looper, and I want to sometimes loop my guitar, sometimes a synth. I use my pedalboard to toggle scroll between the contained devices.

The reason I use the HW Instrument is that I am using Amplitube as an effect for the audio coming out of the HW Instrument. I only know how to use Amplitube in an audio track, otherwise. But this track needs a synth, too, so needs to be an instrument (or hybrid?) track for the synth..

And then, when I go back and forth between this browser and Bitwig in order to check that what I am writing is correct - like right now... suddenly I get sound! But, a couple of experiments later, and now my HW Instrument is quiet again.

Is this configuration not the right way to do what I am trying to do? If it is the right way, is there something that I am doing incorrectly in trying to "wake up" the components of this configuration?

I am not convinced that a HW Interface is the right device for my guitar. Sometimes, I can't make a simple HW Interface to Amplitube instrument track be quiet unless I mute the track, even when not armed. However, since the noisy track is not armed, pedals (like a wah) will have no effect until I arm the track again. So, it is as if Bitwig is trying to silence the HW Interface device with the rest of the track. I have not noticed being able to reproduce this undesired behavior with Amplitube in an audio track without the HW Interface. It is as if the waking and suspending of HW Interfaces is not meant to work with guitars, etc. But what is the alternative for my guitar/synth-into-one-looper-VST conundrum?

Thanks for any ideas.


the HWInstrument needs midi data coming in to work, then the midi data are carried out to a midi interface, then the corresponding audio out from a hardware midi controlled synth gets back into Bitwig.

More or less the same is for Instrument Selector: it gets MIDI in, to my current knowledge.

This is why the behavior seems inconsistent.

I would use two tracks, one audio for the guitar with amplitude, the other one a midi track with your synth. Then I would route to a third track with the looper as an effect track, modulating the effect send from the two tracks using the pedalboard., or using audio receiver using mute or activate as selector. Probably I would group all three tracks. Just ideas.

As soon as I can, I will try to setup a project. But I do not have a guitar. I will use one of my synth.

Hope this helps,



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TY, Fabrizio!

I feared that the HW Interface was a bit of an inelegant hack.

I was trying to think of how to use two other tracks and sending to the looper. As a newbie, I was unaware of the "audio receiver". Instead, I looked at something with audio sidechains. Wrong!

Not yet sure about how to modulate the effect send from the two tracks using the pedalboard - but will probably make more sense when I am sitting at my setup with a little trial-and-error, if the audio receiver approach does not pan out.

Thanks again. I'll update you when I get back to my setup - but great ideas!

  — (Apr 29 '19 at 20:27) Wampanoag

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