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I'd like to submit some feature ideas for the forthcoming versions of Bitwig. This is really missy, especially to do a good mix of the tracks.

I need to put manually (and not only by dragging the mouse) the values of volumes and VST3 triggers. A good approach would be to propose double-clicking on a fader to open an input to write the value, then apply by pushing ENTER on the keyboard.

It's already available for gains & pitch in the left-sided control but I'd like to see it available for each controls.

Another interesting features would be to set (additional to tracks and effect tracks), audio bus to route separately "bass tracks", "pads tracks", etc...

Actually it's possible to do with groups but I'm not a big fan to use groups for that. Groups are more (in my case) to apply some effects or gain on a selection of tracks that come together, but not comparable to a bus that rules the final mix.

A last one, the most interesting I think, would be to enable versioning of projects. I'd like to rollback on a one if my last savings and modifications are not what I finally want and come back to the previous state of a project.

A last thing I'd love would be "containerization" of a project, optional but cool (proposing to copy the external VST and each sample in a container including the project). Of course it gives big files, the aim is not especially to use it each time, but by choice it could be nice for sharing project including each samples from the computer and some VSTs (of course, indepently from licence management...).

Is it possible to think about those four features for the future ? :)

Looking forward Bitwig 3 in any case and the forthcoming features !! Thanks a lot !

Well, ehm...

All your requests are already done or easily available, in my opinion.

  1. you can CTRL+click practically any control in Bitwig and enter a numeric value. Works also on faders.

  2. You can route any track anywhere. So you can create a "bass track" and route the output of all your bass tracks to that. You find the routing options in the inspector panel or by enabling the "Show I/O routing" choice in the arranger window.

  3. I understand that having a versioning integrated in the DAW is more confortable, but you can use, just to mention two, Subversion or git in your Bitwig project folder. Check online guides if you need help in this.

  4. You have the choice "Collect and Save" in the "File" menu, which allows to collect all files related to a project, then you can compress the folder and share, using bzip2 or zip or any file compressor you need. You may choose to avoid adding the "exported" folder, which contains all the "rendering" you have done of a project, which can be very very big and not needed.

I do not know if my answer may be of help for you, or for others...

I'm interested to hear your opinions.



answered May 05 '19 at 02:11 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Thanks for your reply.

I ignored click + value, my bad! Great idea concerning the bus, I wasn't thinking about that but that's a great way, as well "collect and save" (even if I think it should be included in a normal save as an option, I ignored the collect and save feature until now).

Concerning the subversion I think yep I'm using git but I was thinking more in an included feature :)


answered Jun 03 '19 at 01:48 by cyberlife-music (71)

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