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I'm a newbie and have what is probably a bit of a dumb question.

On the Tutorial Videos I can see the the Header at the top of the GUI is different to mine.

Video shows a small downward arrow in Transport Area next to Automation. The Arrow can be clicked to set pre-play and stuff. I don't have that arrow!

Also, there is a File, Edit, View, Create, Options, Help section at top right. Except for 'File' (mines top left) I don't have these selections?

I've tried right clicking, checking setup (as best I could). Can anyone tell me how I can add these missing Icons?



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Hi Paul!

Nice to have you here.

The videos you are watching are talking about v 1.* of Bitwig.

The interface has changed a lot in v 2.

You can find the Pre-roll settings in the Recording menu in the Settings tab, accessed via the Dashboard, which can be accessed by clicking the Bitwig ICON on top. The Dashboard is also the very first window that opens when you start Bitwig.

The other menus, other than File, are not needed anymore. Most of those actions are now accessed from the various buttons in the different toolbars and views.

You can refer to your user manual: find the tab HELP in the Dashboard.

And I suggest you to follow the AskVideo courses from the good Thavius Beck. I know they are not free, but I found them a good investment. Beware they are not updated to the very latest versions. So you will not find a description of all the devices and options and collections, etc. etc. But you can rapidly understand how Bitwig works...

In any case, you can always ask... :-D

Best regards,



answered May 10 '19 at 00:09 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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