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Sorry but I cannot find 'The Grid documentation'. It is mentioned in the 'Bitwig Studio 3: Getting Around In The Grid' video at 10:50. Could please point me to that ?

Thanks a lot, Karol Celi?ski



please find the button "Show help" in the inspector view, visible when you select a module, available also in the context tool bar button.

Then in the help page on the Bitwig site, under the video, there is an explanation about devices and connections, and description of signals.

I fear that the documentation, at least for the moment, is just that.

Actually it is pretty much more than what you find for physical Eurorack modules, some rare exceptions apart.

Beware, no real complaints here on my side: extended synth theory is for books, not manuals.

In any case, a more extensive documentation is to come, I hope.



answered May 13 at 00:59 by fsciarra62 (804)

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