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Having worked with Logic for about 25 years, a couple of month ago I switched completely to Bitwig, so that is why I speak in reference to Logic (and yes: of course I am aware of that Logic has a bit of an advance here, being in development and on the market for ages).

Being with Bitwig since v1.2 I always was hindered by the low CPU efficiency on Mac in the past to work more with it, but now this has improved a lot and I am more than happy about my switch to Bitwig, because the possibilities are overwhelming (and BW 3 The Grid is a joyful beast!) and so well thought out. But there are two things I miss every day - and of course: there are more at the door, but these two things are on top of my miss & wish-list with a distance.

1) More and more creative possibilities of handling effect / bus tracks. - In Logic you can place effect / bus tracks wherever you want (and they will not become all of a sudden audio tracks like in Bitwig). This is very helpful to keep overview in complex arrangements, where often you have different effect tracks for different instrument groups (effects only for the beats, for the synths...).

  • In Logic you can route to and from effect / groups tracks which way you ever want, and also stack and stack and stack them (if you want or need that). For me, with time this opened up heaven in creatively handling effect / group / bus signals, and also helped me very much to solve problems with these signals.

  • In Logic every effect / bus track has effect sends (and you can even send the signal to the very effect / bus track itself) and this option never vanishes no matter how you route or stack the effect / bus tracks. I read some complaints here from people also missing this option and they are right: having no effect sends on effect / bus tracks really narrows down the creative possibilities.

I know that there are workarounds for some of these things, some are ok, some not so. And yes: not all DAWs can work in exactly the same way, so sometimes workarounds are necessary and I really have no problem with that. And also yes: sometimes workarounds can be good in their own way, because sometimes they let you discover possibilities you haven't thought about before. But: coming a long production way with Logic and with the described possibilities in Logic, there is really something to miss here in Bitwig.

2) A way better working of the "toggle device window"-function. Switching quickly and in a comfort way between viewing the plugin(s) and viewing the arrangement / clipviewer / window you are working in, for me is absolutely crucial for the workflow, and the more complex or problematic a sound or the arrangement is, the more I want and need this function working in a really good and easy way.

Like in Logic you can make a shortcut for this "toggle device window"-function in Bitwig (meaning: you can see or hide the plugins you have opened), but in Bitwig this function works only v-e-r-y limited: - it only works in the device panel / when the device panel is the active one, and immediately stops working when you do something in the arrangement / the clipviewer / any other window, and: - it only works (again: only in the device panel) for only one plugin. Given the very common case that you have more than one plugin open, pressing the shortcut only hides one plugin and the other(s) remain open, which for the workflow / for your need to toggle between plugin- and window-view makes no sense.

In contrast in Logic this "toggle window view"-function always effects every plugin you have open - no matter how many you have open and no matter whether they are attached to one or to different tracks, and this is very very helpful. And in Logic this function also works when you are working in a window other than the arrangement. To be specific: like in Bitwig you have in Logic for the most important editings the option to open up a partial windows or to switch to a new window solely for the specific editing. When in Logic you open up a partial window, the "toggle device window"-function always works, no matter whether you are working in the partial window or the arrangement window. In the other case, when you switch to a new window solely for the editing, the plugins are hidden on its own and also become viewable on its own when you switch back to the arrangement window (and exactly in the way they were opened before you switched to the specific window).

I admit this was a bit detailed, but sometimes workflow improving functions have to work in a specific way to be really helpful, and so in my hope that the Bitwig people are reading the Q&A I decided to be, well, a bit detailed.

So, dear Bitwig people: you really have proven that you are very smart and also that you really really care about the workflow(s) - and BW 3 The Grid has proven both anew and with a bang! - so: I really would be happy if some of these things that I miss find their way into an update in hopefully the near future.

Thank you in advance, Albrecht

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