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Hi! I am a sound designer and composer for film.

Since Pro Tools is the standard for film I am forced to work in PT, however, when composing, I am using other daws. since Pro Tools is the most uninspiring backwards thinking daw out there when it comes to midi and creating.

Bitwig has caught all my attention and I would like to buy it and start using it as my main composing DAW chained together with Pro Tools being the "Master" for the film and where I work with FX/Atmos & Dialogue

At the moment I´m running the Demo of bitwig and I am trying to sync the timecode/transport via IAC BUS (mac) of Bitwig and PT so that I can use them both. Unfortunately I cant make it work.

I have seen successfull tutorials of people connecting Bitwig and Ableton Live for example Here:

and of course I have done successfull connecting between Pro Tools and Logic.

Is there a way for bitwig to connect clock/timecode between the two?

It would be suuuch a shame if this could not work.. I totally loove bitwig. and would do all my music production in there if this could work. I am certain a lot of my colleagues out there composing film music running Cubase and Pro Tools etc. would love to migrate to Bitwig if this could work.

Many thanks for your time! //Ted


as a professional musician in the movie industry, you must have a hardware synchronizer, possibly with SMPTE, like many MOTU device like MIDIexpress. Bitwig nicely slave to it.

Clearly it is capable of being the master clock if your pt can act as a slave. You can setup sync in the setup page.

Hope this helps.



answered May 20 '19 at 20:24 by fsciarra62 (890)

Just to let you know... aI’m on linux and use jack for everything. I have no experience with mac. Sorry.

  — (May 20 '19 at 20:53) fsciarra62

Hi Fabrizio! Thank you for your answer. Why must a proffesional musician composing for film need a Hardware sunchronizer? Most of the composers I know work in Cubase alone, without rewiring to any other DAW. I am pretty sure they don´t use an external sync.

I work as a proffesional sound designer, and the only times I see an external clock/sync is at the dubbing/mixing stage where they have an external computer handling the video.

However composing is something I have migrated to more and more lately, since during post, I often end up re-composing new pieces for the films because

  — (May 26 '19 at 20:31) Ted_Krotkiewski

the directors many times arn´t fully happy with the music. So I really want to pick your brain if you have any more input regarding the setup. =)

Many thanks. //Ted

  — (May 26 '19 at 20:31) Ted_Krotkiewski

Ted, you might check with the latest beta3... I think they have added something for sync. I have noticed a message at the startup, never seen before, claiming that jack driver is not suitable for real-time sync or ableton link... just give a shot to that.

  — (May 27 '19 at 01:37) fsciarra62

Hi Ted,

did you had time to try the new V3beta3?

Does that means any change on this topic?



answered May 29 '19 at 13:27 by fsciarra62 (890)

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